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Is Your Car Safe To Drive…

mot test failure

Why you need a Car Service or Mot…

Every now and then something happens that makes you wonder if you are really safe. Just recently one of our members of staff collected a customers car to bring it in for an Mot test to be carried out. What we found during the Mot Test was quite disturbing, and could have resulted in a serious accident.

A serious defect…

The Mot test is carried out annually and its purpose is to ensure that the vehicle is in a safe condition to drive on the road. Safe not only for the driver and passengers, but also for any other road users too.

The vehicle in question had what the Mot governing body, The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency, calls a serious defect.

So what did you find…

The car, a VW Golf, was raised up on the inspection ramp and the front end jacked up to check the steering and suspension.

During this part of the inspection our tester noticed a missing bolt in the front left hand lower suspension arm . On further inspection he discovered another bolt was so loose it had almost fallen out, and the third and last remaining bolt was in fact also loose.

You can see just how bad this was by the photo at the top of the page.

So out of the three fixing bolts, one was missing and two were so loose that the suspension was insecure and “floating around” as our tester put it.

We were even more surprised to discover that the car had just had two new front tyres fitted (not by us we hasten to add).

Why is this dangerous…

In its present condition the car’s steering was vague, and the car would tend to wander. Had the final two bolts fallen out or sheared off under sudden braking then the whole of the left hand front suspension would have collapsed.

The consequences of this happening doesn’t even bear thinking about. It could have resulted in a major accident.

The Mot Test works…

Having your car regularly inspected has benefits, even if it does cost money, what price do put on yours and others safety?

We also find dangerous faults on vehicles that are brought in for servicing, so even if you think you might be saving money by not servicing your car, having a service or Mot really does make sense in the long term.

It could save lives!

Hilltop Garage Services…

If you think something is not right with your car then we are only too happy to take a look for you.

Please feel free to call us on 02392 5960398 or email us via our contact page here, or simply pop in and have a chat with one of our friendly members of staff who will be happy to help.