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MOT Test Blunders

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7 MOT Test Failures

If your MOT test is due soon you might be wondering if it is going to pass or fail. Here are some of the most common MOT test failures and some simple things you can do to maintain your car to help it pass the MOT test. Of course these checks will not guarantee a new Mot for the next year, but they may help to save you time and money.

During an MOT test many checks are carried out to ensure your car is safe and roadworthy. Knowledge of the most common failures can help you to prepare for the next MOT test and maybe save on expensive repair bills.

How can I prepare for the MOT test?

Many modern cars are now too complex for home repairs, so much special equipment and knowledge is needed to work on them. So it makes sense to keep your car well maintained. Any good garage will be able to do this for you, many local independent garages such as Hilltop Garage Horndean are often cheaper than the main dealer networks.

The good news is that these independent garages carry out all MOT test repairs and preparation no matter what the make and model of your car is. From renewing tyres to making and fitting new registration plates, from timing belt replacement to brake repairs.

Common MOT test failures

  1. Tyres, tyres are checked to ensure that they are safe and within the legal limits, they are also inspected for damage too.
  2. Windscreen, as chips and cracks can happen easily and at any time, it is recommended that they are repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage occurring. As you maybe aware a small stone chip can easily become a large crack, this will usually mean a new windscreen is required when a repair would have stopped the problem from becoming worse.
  3. Brakes, obviously brakes are very important and are checked thoroughly for any signs of wear or damage.
  4. Registration plates, number plates are checked to make sure they are legal and comply with current regulations, they are also inspected for cracks and that they are not faded and are legible.
  5. Headlights, all the lights on the car need to be working, headlamps also need to be adjusted properly so that they don’t blind or dazzle other road users.
  6. Suspension, many parts of your car’s suspension cannot be easily seen from the outside, they are though a vital part of the car, affecting the safety of the car not only when driving over bumps etc, but also during braking.
  7. Exhaust system, the exhaust system is checked to ensure that it is secure and working correctly, to ensure that no component is badly corroded and likely to fail.

How to help your car pass an MOT test

It is quite simple really just make sure that the car is well maintained and has regular services carried out by a reputable garage. By taking care of your car all year round you will be doing your best to help your car pass it’s MOT test first time.

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