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Do You Have A Broken Road Spring?

Broken Road Springs…

Broken Road Springs, what are they and why should you be concerned if they are broken? What we are talking about here are the suspension springs on your car, there are usually four, two at the front and two at the back, with one on each side of the car.

What do road springs do?

Road springs are a major part of the suspension system of your car. They are designed to flex and smooth out the bumps and undulations in the road surface. In conjunction with shock absorbers they are designed to give you a smooth and comfortable ride.

If you have ever been in a sports or performance car you will have probably noticed that the ride is firm and hard. The bumps in the road are much more noticeable, however these cars handle better. And that’s the trade off, better handling or a softer more comfortable ride. So springs are an essential part of the cars performance and safety.

What happens if a road spring breaks?

Sometimes there is nothing that can be noticed from the performance or handling of the car. At other times the spring can dislodge from its mountings and in severe cases foul and puncture the tyre, causing a blow out.

Even those that don’t cause punctures can affect your cars handling and braking. Often the steering can become heavy or you may hear a “clonk” from the suspension when turning the steering wheel from lock to lock. Braking can also be affected with your car “pulling to one side” under severe braking.

Here at Hilltop Garage Horndean we find an increasing number of broken road springs during routine car services and car MOT tests.

Why do so many road springs break?

Our highly trained technicians have noticed an increase in the amount of road springs that are breaking over the last ten years or so. Many years ago it was relatively uncommon to find a broken road spring, so what has changed?

There is a myth in the motor trade that springs are made with “cheap metal” or that the increase in potholes and speed bumps is in some way responsible. The truth of the matter is that springs are made thinner and lighter to save weight and therefore deliver a better fuel consumption (as part of the cars overall design).

The springs are coated in a thin plastic to protect them from the rigours of the road, but in time this coating breaks away and the road spring is subjected to all sorts of moisture, rain water and road salt. Eventually the spring rusts and breaks.

What can you do to prevent the road spring from breaking?

It is almost impossible to know if and when a spring will break.

During the winter a regular clean under the car using a pressure washer or a garden hosepipe may help to prevent premature failure.

The best course of action is to keep your car regularly serviced, when the road springs will be visually inspected for breakage, they can then be replaced before any further damage occurs.

Hilltop Garage Horndean

Here at Hilltop Garage Horndean we carry out servicing, repairs and Mot’s to all makes and models of cars and light vans. And yes we also replace broken road springs too.

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